Thank You

Gratitude and Thanks

I would like to personally thank the following individuals for their love of books and continued support of Page After Page, Lewisburg’s independent community bookstore.

~Murrie A. Zlotziver

for_the_love_of_booksKathy, Randy, Dana, Connie, Steve, Ann, Marjorie, Charles, Bea, Yvonne, Deanne, Wiley, Freddie, David, Carolyn, Christine, Mike, Paula, Greg, Sue, Sarah, Rich, Andy, Jordi, Rob, Rosie, Whitni, Mike, Heather, Isabella, Nancy, Kim, Rachel, Dena, Porochista, Martha, Lois, Joe, Jim, Bob, Cheryl, Michelle, Bev, Anne, Hope, Fareda, Tony, Paul, Ben, Kelly, Margaret, Tamara, Ruth, Jane, Tina, Than, Dennis, Sandy, John, Inez, Peg, Diane, Sue Ellen, Tricia, Billy, Mel, Caroline, Gary, Roger, Steva, Leslie, Tina, Chuck, Howie, Sam, Ken, Anne, Beth, Marianne, Tommy, Liz, Doug, Charles, Julie, Suzanne, KJ, Megan, Mary, Jared, Noel, MaryAnne, Shelly, Renee, Diane, Leo, Debbie, Rudy, Barbara, Cynthia, Julie, Max, Brian, Betty, Leah, Greg, Annie, Andy, Annie, Helen, Lynne, Jody, Jack, Katherine, Tabitha, Theresa, Mekenzie, Taylor, Lamont, Cynthia, Jane, Lorraine…and more to come.

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